Susanne Lomatch

    Professional Information:
    Small Business Owner, Researcher, Technologist, Writer, Editor, Artist, Coach
    Prior Professional Life: Program Manager (Industry) and Research Professor (Academia)
    Background: Science & Engineering R&D, Technical Management
    Company Website:
    Whitehawk Systems LLC
    Educational Information:
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Field of Study: Physics

    Academic Publications: HERE

    Book Publications: On Amazon

    Content Productions:
    • Ocean Jasper ~ Spherulitic Chalcedony:
    • Fine Art/Photography: WhitehawkArt
    • Commentary on economics, finance, trading and investing: EconIdeal
    • Essays in economics, history, philosophy, politics, culture, science, technology: EidolonSpeak
    • Technical content on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Cognitive Systems (ACS), including primers on machine learning and natural language processing, and a review of neuromorphic engineering: EidolonSpeak/Artificial_Intelligence
    • Travel, art and wine reviews: ArtWithWine                                    

    Other Interests:
    Skiing, Diving, Mountain Hiking & Biking